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25 March 2016 @ 06:50 pm
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Title: she is the sunlight.
Fandom: merlin.
Pairing: arthur and morgana.
Note(s): just another fanmix of the lovely two. i hope we get more of them in season three. they're just epic, enough said.
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Title: you are my sweetest downfall.
Fandom: merlin.
Pairing: arthur and morgana.
Note(s): i just started to watch this show and it's amazing. i'm really into the show. and i am on season one eppy 8. so i really don't know what's going on with arthur and morgana, but i've heard stuff and watched music videos so these songs remind me of them. i really hope you guys enjoy it.
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21 November 2009 @ 06:46 pm
title - the core of the end.
fandom/pairing - new moon/bella swan.
rating - pg i would say. nothing bad. i don't think it's dark enough to be pg 13.
summary - bella sits and stares trying to comprehend what it is she's feeling.
notes - i wrote this after seeing new moon. the part where she sits and the months go by in the circle.. it's base off this. so if you haven't seen the movie, i don't know if this will ruin anything for you.

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